Franz and IZAK9 at the Derry City Walls

Franz and IZAK9 at the Derry City Walls

At Qubizm, we create and build radical and innovative ways to engage young children with their learning of mathematics. By combining the physical and the virtual, our products ensure that every child is seen, heard and recognized, offering all children a totally immersive shared learning experience in their own classroom. We celebrate teamwork, curiosity and diversity and by nurturing higher order thinking skills, we help build a level of confidence and self-belief that will last for a lifetime.


Ideal for use by children in Primary and Secondary schools, Izak9 consists of a set of colourful and captivating cubes used in conjunction with 3D animated e-learning material. This combination and variety of stimuli provides a challenging, rewarding and fun shared learning environment where children of all abilities and preferred learning styles can excel together. Using Izak9 helps elevate thinking skills, build confidence and self esteem by focusing on mathematical processes, problem solving and communication within the universal language of number, colour and shape.

Capacity build our children for the future - give them Izak9.
Watch the explainer video to find out more.

Fun, tactile, taxing, complex, rewarding and educational across several levels. It even persuades kids to tidy up! IZAK9 is brilliant
— Johnny Ball 2014