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'Fractured Love', a dramatic re-creation of the life of Constance Gore-Booth / Countess Markievicz and the 1916 Rising, written and performed by Maura Logue. 


Dark Daughter Productions


“Fractured Love”

Written & Performed by Maura Logue  


It is Autumn of 1916. Much has happened since the Easter Monday Rising. In May 1916 the leaders of the Rising were executed in Kilmainham Gaol. Within earshot, in a damp gaol cell, Constance Markiewicz witnessed each shot. She, a traitor to the crown, awaited her sentencing. It was decided to transport her to Aylesbury Jail in England. Out of sight out of mind, being part of that rationale.

Countess Markiewicz, kept at times in isolation or in solitary confinement, had time to reflect on sacrifices made and emotional impacts of her actions, on family, in particular on her daughter Maeve.

We view the Countess in a more reflective mood commenting from a more intimate personal perspective, that of fractured love within familial bonds, in a time of conflict.