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  • Ballyshannon
  • Co. Donegal

Monica Corish will launch her latest collection, 'A Dying Language', at this year's Allingham Festival. 

The Allingham Festival will host the regional launch of A Dying Language by Monica Corish, a poetry collection published by the Irish Hospice Foundation. Allingham headliner Anne Enright, Laureate for Irish Fiction, will launch the collection. 50% of the profits from sales of the collection at the Allingham Festival will be donated to the North West Hospice.

Jane Clarke, guest poet at the 2015 Allingham Festival, has written about A Dying Language:“It is times of grief that bring many people to poetry or back to poetry. There is something about the intensity of the language, the pictures it creates, the hand it reaches out, the way it shows that sorrow can be borne. [This] is the kind of collection that one person will give to another and say – I think you might like this, I found it very helpful myself.”

Monica Corish worked internationally as a nurse, an aid worker, and a health advisor before turning to writing full-time. Her poems and stories have appeared in Poetry Ireland Review, The Stinging Fly, The 2016 Hippocrates Prize Anthology, and The Hennessy Book of Irish Fiction 2005-2015.