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A programme of nine short films inspired by the subject of 1916 and what it has left in its wake, commissioned by the IFB. Programme includes fiction and non-fiction, live-action and animation, contemporary and period pieces.

Thanks to local man Patrick O'Neill and all his team at Wildcard Distribution for securing these films for Allingham 2016. Thanks also to the Irish Film Board, and local filmmaker James Gavigan for setting all this up.

  • A Father’s Letter (DIRECTOR: Joe Dolan / 2016 / Ireland / 14 mins) On the eve of his execution on May 7th 1916, Michael Mallin’s two-year-old son Joseph wasbrought to see him in Kilmainham Gaol. That night, his father wrote a letter that would change Joseph’s life forever.
  • A Terrible Hullabaloo (DIRECTOR: Ben O’Connor / 2016 / Ireland / 10 mins) The story of young Vinny Byrne, a fourteen-year-old boy who found himself fighting for Ireland in the Easter Rising.
  • Baring Arms (DIRECTOR: Colm Quinn / 2016 / Ireland / 10 mins) There are many ways to commemorate the 1916 Rising, only one involves bloodshed.
  • Goodbye, Darling (DIRECTOR: Elena Doyle / 2016 / Ireland / 12 mins) Goodbye, Darling is one day in the enduring love story of Irish Volunteer Michael Joseph O’Rahilly and his wife Nancy.
  • Granite and Chalk (DIRECTOR: Patrick Hodgins / 2016 / Ireland / 12 mins) Delving into declassified British intelligence documents, this documentary tells the story of two spies, codenamed Granite and Chalk, who could have changed Irish history.
  • Yeats & The Beastly Coins (DIRECTORS: Laura McNicholas, Ann Marie Hourihane / 2016 / Ireland / 10 mins) Ten years after the Easter Rising, the Free State government asked W.B. Yeats to chair the design committee for creating new coinage for the new state.
  • My Life For Ireland (DIRECTOR: Kieron J. Walsh / 2016 / Ireland 14 mins) Dublin, Easter 1916. Irish rebel Patrick Pearse leads a revolt to free Ireland from the grips of the British Empire. Owen, a young patriot, wants to join them.
  • The Cherishing (DIRECTOR: Dave Tynan / 2016 / Ireland / 15 mins) When The Rising starts the local sweet shops are the first to be looted by Dubliners living in the tenements.
  • The Party (DIRECTOR: Andrea Harkin / 2016 / Ireland / 13 mins) Laurence welcomes his friend and man-on-the-run Mickey to a party of drinking, dancing and young love. By morning, reality catches up with them.