• Abbey Arts Centre (map)
  • Ballyshannon
  • Co. Donegal

Ken Fox, Media Lecturer in Canterbury Christ Church University, returns to his home-town to deliver a lecture on aspects of the film 'The Fighting Prince of Donegal' and how this affected him as a young film buff in Ballyshannon. 

I'm a native of Ballyshannon, now teaching film at Canterbury Christ Church University. I recently wrote a chapter about 'The Fighting Prince of Donegal' for a book on Film and Landscape.
I first saw the film in the Abbey Cinema, circa 1967. In this lecture, I will discuss the wonderful contradictions of this Disney produced film, with a British actor in the main role, shot in England, but which had a long lasting impact on my memory of cinema-going at the Abbey and my imaginative reconstruction of the Donegal landscape.
I still remember the sense of pride I felt when the title rolled and Donegal appeared on the big screen. Even though I knew it wasn't really Donegal I was thrilled that my place would be seen around the world. That affective response is explored in the title of the presentation: in praise of the inauthentic.