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A diet for people who love food from the doctor and chef who lost 5 stone.

Dr Paula Gilvarry has always loved her food; in fact, she even ran a restaurant alongside being a GP. But when her increasing weight began to cause medical problems, she knew something had to change.

Cutting out delicious food wasn't an option, so instead she changed the type of food she ate, adapting all of her favourite recipes to suit her new weight-loss regime. And it worked.

Five stone lighter and a whole lot healthier and happier, Paula is ready to share her secrets. Her recipes are delicious, high in protein, low in carbs, and they even allow for a daily glass of wine! Doctor on a Diet is for anyone who wants to lose weight slowly and keep it off, without sacrificing taste or flavour.

Dr Paula Gilvarry is a medical doctor working in community medicine. Together with her husband, Damien Brennan, she previously ran the highly acclaimed Reveries, a restaurant at Rosses Point, where her innovative Irish cooking garnered national awards. She currently runs The Yeats Experience with Damien from her home at Broc House in Co. Sligo.