Hugo is a designer, with a genuine love of materials and our relationships with objects. He creates furniture that hopes to intrigue & encourage an interaction. His design process explores and mixes the digital with the analogue, the hand made with rapid prototyping processes. Working in a range of natural and synthetic materials, he combines engineered materials with found and re-used objects in creating new pieces that reflects the beauty of materials and their original form, in a new light. 

He has worked on in-house projects for manufacturers and consultancies in both product and furniture design and has exhibited his work in both Ireland and internationally. Hugo graduated from the National College of Art & Design, Ireland in 1998 with a BA in Industrial Design and in 2005 he earned a BA with 1st Class Honours in Furniture Design from UBI & University of Huddersfield.

Hugo will be speaking at the 'Inspire Creativity' short talks on Friday afternoon (6th Nov 2015) at the Abbey Centre and will be facilitating a workshop on Saturday afternoon (7th Nov 2015)

Workshop: Plastazote & Card model-making techniques - Bring home something fun!