Justin sporting his Movember at #designatmagee

Justin sporting his Movember at #designatmagee


Dr Justin Magee MIDI, FHEA

He is Senior Lecturer in Product Design, at Ulster University serving as design subject director and course director of the Mdes in design For Creative Practice and previously Director for Academic Enterprise (2006-2011) and Acting Director of the Research Institute (2005).  Qualified in Product Design and Transport design, Justin has worked commercially on over 70 design projects globally. He has secured over £850K research income, submitted to the RAE2001, 2008 and REF2014. Justin was awarded the ‘Distinguished Business Fellowship’ as an honorary graduate from the University of Ulster in recognition of the high level of commercial and outreach engagement (2007). His PhD topic was 3D digital modelling of spinal posture (2010).

This is not a talk to be missed if you are considering a degree in design!!!

He's also a damn fine cook!