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Anto Hutton of ‪#‎designatmagee‬ and ‪#‎eyespyfx‬ with an inspiring soul searcher of a presentation flagging; wearables & nearables, and if that doesn't frighten ye. 

"Everywhere you go, I know its you". 

Big brother is watching? ... more like, Big brother WAS watching, who's watching now?
Scary stuff at ‪#‎allingham‬ 2014.

Filmed series to follow soon.

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Dr. Justin Magee of ‪#‎designatmagee‬ showcasing projects where creativity and design are working hand in hand with science and technology highlighting Will Hutton's theory that 'in a knowledge based economy the two are inseparable'.
STEM = STEAM @ ‪#‎allingham‬ 2014

Filmed series to follow soon.


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