Robyn & PJ Lynch didn't receive an award for their digital painting entries for The Allingham Festival 2014 as it was well outside the brief, but they got a great mention at the ceremony and their digital illustrations framed plus the promise of a digital painting section in next years art competitions.

Conor Carney the awards spokesman was impressed and said that; "receiving these entries was like getting a slap in the face with a mackerel, we need to allow for entries like this'.

It was all their own work, with a little over the shoulder coaching to get them going on the tool palette. They took the photos, created the illustrations then coloured in photoshop. Robyn went on to win 1st prize in the under 8 art comp for a traditional painting of a Robyn Redbreast. Well done to all the competition winners and everyone that took part. Photos will be on the website soon.

Click here to see a clip of the 'making of'.

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