Calling Creative Souls and Literary Lovers. 

Welcome to the allinghamfestival.com blog. Today, we will launch the lineup for the 2014 festival and debut our new website. There are two distinct tracks through this little gem of a festival. The tracks are inspired by William Allingham (written word) & his wife Helen (creative arts).

The Written Word 

Come along and experience workshops, seminars & conversations in poetry, fiction, the factual, historical, creative writing, music & performance.

Creative Arts 

Within the creative arts track, You will enjoy lectures, workshops, matinees & seminars in digital storytelling, design, animation, visual effects, interaction, film, fine art, drawing, painting & creative crafts. There is a strong focus on 'Inspiring Creativity & Engaging Enterprise' this year which will bring ministers from north and south to Ballyshannon to discuss possibilities in creative enterprise. Competitions, entertainment, networking events, book launches and more. Lots to suit creative souls.  

We hope to facilitate opportunities that inspire and showcase.

Come along to #allingham this November 6th-9th.





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