Congratulations to the winners of the Allingham 2016 Flash Fiction competition, and well done to all who took part. 


First Place

'Wich' – Carly Holmes 

Second Place

'From Where I Was' – Una Mannion 

Third Place

'Collecting Stones' – Patrick Holloway 



'A Rush of Indignation' – Kathryn Burke 

'Eating Letters' – Clodagh O'Brien 

'The Queen's Nose' – Patrick Holloway 

'Wafer-thin' – Clodagh O'Brien 



'Bridezilla' – Patrick Talbot 

'Feather' – Clodagh O'Brien 

'Hello Dolly' – Kathryn Burke 

'Knocking on My Father's Door' – Patrick Holloway 

'The Hatchet' – Rosita Sweetman 

'The Sacrifice' – Rose Malone 

'To Thee We Send Up Our Sighs' – Niamh MacCabe 

'Travelling Light' – Patricia Bender


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