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The 12 finalists in the Allingham Songwriting Contest are (in no particular order):

Eileen Kane - 'Surf The Waves'

Bri Carr - 'A Little Bit Diva'

Rose Connolly - 'Don't Forsake Me'

Martina Flaherty - 'Maybe'

Blackbird & Crow - 'Ugly Duckling'

Andy Cox - 'Don't Cry Baby'

Elaine O'Dea - 'Swallows'

Michael Tracey - 'Full Moon'

Marion Nolan - 'Easy Lovin'

Mirenda Rosenberg - 'Don't Sacrifice'

Mick Joyce - 'Better Than Beckham'

Dean Maywood - 'Louisiana'


The finalists will battle it out in front of the judges at the Live Final in Dicey Reilly's Pub, Ballyshannon, on Friday November 10th from 10pm. This is always a great evening with music and performances of all styles. 



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