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We have a fantastic night of music for you next Saturday night at the Allingham Concert
The show will open with a performance by the highly acclaimed Donegal Youth Orchestra, led by conductor Vincent Kennedy. The programme for the evening will include classical and traditional pieces, and feature original compositions by Mr. Kennedy. 
Following that, we have the wonderfully talented Niamh Currid, who needs no introduction to local audiences. Niamh will perform three original pieces for piano, 'The Waning Moon', 'Sadhbh’s Lament' and 'The Crashing Waves'. Niamh will then be joined by Rory Corbett on banjo, James Mc Namee on fiddle and Henry Pierce on mandolin for a mixture of folk, bluegrass, southern soul and some Irish pieces for good measure. 
We are also delighted that Niall MacMonagle will be able to join us on the Abbey stage with a short reading to contribute to the magic of the evening. Niall is an editor, writer, critic and broadcasts frequently on RTE Radio 1. 
This promises to be a highly entertaining evening with music of the highest calibre, so book your tickets now!


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