Congratulations to directors Garry Keane and Andrew Mc Connell and their team on ‘Gaza’ winning the top prize at this year’s Dublin Film Festival! The film won the Best Documentary prize, selected by the Dublin Film Critics’ Circle, and earlier in the day was awarded second prize in the ICCL Humarn Rights Film Award, which recognises the role of film in raising awareness of human rights.

This is fantastic news for Garry and all of the production team who spent years working on this film, and often placing themselves in dangerous situations to tell this story.

Garry has been involved in the Allingham Festival for many years, having presented a screening of his ‘Toughest Place…’ documentary a few years ago, and also donating the Jim Keane Award for fiction in honour of his father, one of the founders of the original festival. Hopefully it won’t be too long before we all get to see the film in Ballyshannon!!


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