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Director Garry Keane and the production team behind the award-winning documentary ‘Gaza’ have launched a GoFundMe campaign to save the Red Carpet Film Festival in Gaza.

“The Red Carpet Festival in Gaza is under threat and without support and backing, the organizers will not be able to stage this very important event again this year. The situation in Gaza is worsening by the day and local sponsors are just not there anymore. The festival is a shining light for the people of Gaza who try so hard to strive for normality and who desperately need any outlet to escape the pain and anguish they suffer constantly” - Garry Keane.

Gaza recently won the inaugural Pull Focus Award for best new Irish documentary at the Docs Ireland film festival, held in Belfast. Directors Keane and Andrew McConnell, and producer Brendan J Byrne, immediately handed over their £2,500 prize to the ailing film festival in the territory that provided the inspiration for their film. 

If you would like to donate a couple of euro to bring save the festival, click on the link to visit the GoFundMe page:

‘Gaza’ will be screened on Saturday November 9th at this year’s Allingham Festival, and if we’re lucky, we may even have a Q&A with members of the team. ‘Gaza’ is on release in selected cinemas around the country.


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