Brendan began to form his career with stone shortly after finishing a four-year diploma in Graphic Design at LYIT in 1992. His first appreciation of architectural masonry was seen while working on the Bristol Swallow Hotel (Neo-Classic Style building using Bath Sandstone). Returning to Ireland in 1993 he stumbled upon a local Mason and began an apprenticeship in the art of drywall building and Stone building.

1996 saw his departure to Australia via Asia on a two-year working visa. Much of his time was spent working with the Temperi family of masons based in Sydney. The work entailed restoration on public and private buildings within the Sydney basin (Sydney Museum, Lands & Titles Building, St Mary’s Cathedral). On a six-month break to New Zealand he built several dry stonewalls in Northern Whangarri region using the local volcanic pumice stone and carving the fine white limestone of Omaru.

In 1998 he returned to Ireland during the height of the building boom but decided to further his skills and attended the Leitrim Sculpture Centre for 1 year. Brendan then set up his sculptural business in March 1999 working and trading from Donegal Craft Village Donegal Town. 

Brendan will facilitate a stone sculpting workshop on Saturday afternoon. Book early as places are limited.

Watch him in action at #DELVE2015