Irish Design 2015 Regional Coordinator & Chairman of the Northern Ireland Design Alliance.

ID2015 are one of our key funders along with Donegal Council (Community & Planning Development Dept) of the 'Inspire Creativity/Engage Enterprise' Event this year and Colin McKeown is the regional coordinator for ID2015. 

Working on this fantastic project which highlights the importance of design as a driver of economic success. He is based in Dublin and is responsible for the Ulster region, as well as a number of other Irish counties. His role is to create networks and get people involved in the year of Irish Design. The year features all sorts of design events, as well as international promotion of Irish design in London, Paris, Milan, New York, Eindhoven, Hong Kong. This is an all-Ireland initiative and an indication of the foresight of the Irish Government. Colin will be speaking about ID2015 and will sit on the 'Creative Economy in The NW' panel on Friday Nov 6th.