Flash Fiction:

First Prize - "Mother Earth" by Barbara Leahy

Second Prize - "The Ceremony" by Elizabeth Reapy

Third Prize - "Part of the Collective" by Deirdre Moran


First Prize - "CAT Scan" by Angela T. Carr

Second Prize - "Knitting a Father from Nettles" by Annette Skade

Third Prize - "Padhraig" by Anne O'Connell

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The Abbey Centre, Ballyshannon

November 8th, 7pm - FREE EVENT


The Literary Voices of Tomorrow

The overall standard in this year's Allingham Adult Literary competitions was very good, and the winning and first and second placed entries were exceptional. Come and hear the literary voices of tomorrow at the Awards Ceremony in the Abbey Centre, Ballyshannon on Saturday, November 8th at 7pm.

First prize in the 2014 Allingham Flash Fiction Competition goes to Barbara Leahy of Cork, for "Mother Earth". Donal Ryan, the judge of the fiction competition, said "This is an accomplished and darkly satisfying story. I love the inverted simile with the sons and the dahlias. The last paragraph is magnificent, the ending is perfect. Powerful and beautifully done."

First prize in the 2014 Allingham Poetry Competition goes to Angela T. Carr of Dublin, for "CAT Scan". Poetry judge Monica Corish described it as "a powerful poem, powerfully crafted. The language throughout is chosen with precision, taking us from the "blink and grind" of the CAT Scan to the remembered or imagined comfort of "a summer's dusk" where "humming to myself; the tree bends to listen." The last four lines of the poem are a tour de force of subtle restraint."

Second prize in the Flash Fiction Competition goes to Elizabeth Reapy from Mayo, for "The Ceremony". Donal Ryan said "This story is devastating. The child’s voice rings completely true; as does the subtly painted picture of a fractured, traumatised family, clinging desperately together."

Second prize in the Poetry Competition goes to Annette Skade of Manchester and the Beara peninsula, for "Knitting a Father from Nettles". Monica Corish commented that "this is a poem that scalds the hands and eyes of the reader. The metaphor of knitting from nettles both reveals and conceals, giving an intensely felt sense of the relationship between the father and the narrator. The poet knows that this is enough, we do not need to know the facts. The ending scalds us anew."

Third prize in the Flash Fiction Competition goes to Deirdre Moran, for "Part of the Collective". Donal Ryan said "this reminds me of Joyce’s Eveline. The squandering of opportunity; the waste of life. A powerful, fable-like work."

Third prize in the Poetry Competition goes to Anne O'Connell of Bundoran and Sligo, for "Padhraig". Judge Monica Corish said "this poem manages the difficult terrain of repeated heartbreak by focusing on the details: "a tree - / its trunk wide enough for both our backs"; "the thud of my mother's coffin / touching stone". Through her words the poet invites us into a place without words where, like the Padhraig of the title, we discover how to hold a loss."

The awards ceremony, with readings by winners and runners up,  along with previous Allingham Competition Winners, will take place in the Abbey Centre on Saturday, November 8 at 7 pm. The event is free and all are welcome. 


 Flash Fiction Shortlist 

 '30% Off' by Clodagh O’Brien 

'But I Shall Always Love You' by Mary D'Arcy  

'Confirmed' by Berta Money  

'I Can See You' by Martin McCabe  

'Mother Earth' by Barbara Leahy 

'Part of the Collective' by Deirdre Moran 

'The Ceremony' by Elizabeth Reapy 

'The Heir' by Elizabeth Reapy 

'The Second Wife' by Sharon Moore 

'The Shackleton' by Guy Le Jeune 

'Wasps' Nest' by Barbara Leahy 


Poetry Shortlist 

 'A Chair' by Innes Bouhannani 

'CAT Scan' by Angela Carr 

'Erasure' by Ciaran O'Rourke 

'Hit Delete' by Annemarie Ni Churreáin 

'Knitting a Father from Nettles' by Annette Skade 

'Neary Meets His Brothers' by Michael Farry 

'Padhraig' by Anne O'Connell 

'Sheds' by Winifred McNulty 

'Storm in Lisheen' by Liam Ryan 

'The Potato Picker & the TV Rental Man' by Connie Roberts 

'The Spotless Window of My Parent's House' by Siobhan McNamara

'Torpedo' by Greagoir O'Duill 

'What the Day May Bring 2014' by Ita O'Donovan 




Flash Fiction Longlist 

 'Bestiary' by Susanne Stich 

'Black Babie' by Sandra Collins 

'Cooking for the Dead' by Deirdre McClay 

'Joyce' by Deirdre Moran 

'Pumpkins and Coils' by Alfie Bradley 

'Reaching for the Light' by Mary MacLoughlin 

'Shave or Dye' by Finbar Rafferty 

'Slipping' by Siobhan McNamara 

'Suzanna' by Frank Horne 

'The Shell Man' by Caoilinn Hughes 

'Thirty Years' by Amanda O'Callaghan  

'Time Enough' by Anne Marie Kennedy 

'White Matter' by Juliana Holland 

'You make your bed and lie in it' by Maureen Curran 


Poetry Longlist 

 'Between Worlds' by Paula Lahiff 

'Broken Things' by Maureen McAteer

'Carriage' by Julianna Holland 

'Comet' by Colin Dardis 

'Connections' by Angela McCabe 

'Draught Excluders' by Noel King 

'Fork and Spade' by Olivia Kenny McCarthy 

'Immigrant Dreams' by Kathryn Daily 

'Mum and Spuds' by Helen Harrison 

'Paranoid' by David Cawley 

'Perigee' by Davnet Heery 

'The Archers' by Gearoid O'Brien 

'The Bee' by Maureen Curran 

'The Black Dog' by Karen O'Connor 

'The Hare' by Jackie Gorman 

'This White Light' by Mary O'Brien 

'Two Fields, 1915' by Anna Coulhoun