Mark , going  One Step Beyond  down the Abbey during the filming of  ' A Walk With Allingham'

Mark, going One Step Beyond down the Abbey during the filming of 'A Walk With Allingham'

Mark has been obsessed with technology since the late '80s, dabbling in bedroom games development and the then fledgling multimedia environments on the Spectrum and Commodore 64 computers.

He was employed as an Assistant Art Director at O'Sullivan Ryan where he was introduced to TV advertising and a blossoming computer animation scene. He then went on to study animation in both the classical and computer disciplines. While studying he had the opportunity to go back to his first love, games development, and with some fellow enthusiasts, set up Torc Interactive Ltd. Mark worked on all aspects of games development while at the company as the small team size enabled cross-discipline creativity. He has been involved in training both professionals and students in the use of 3D Studio Max and digital visualisation, and has taught these disciplines in LYIT and NWRC, and is now based at the School of Creative Arts & Technologies.

Mark regularly exhibits artworks in local galleries and shops in Buncrana and continues bedroom development on personal projects until the wee hours. This year at Allingham, he will talk about the possibility of Dumbo in Donegal. In his dwindling-by-the-project spare time he likes to record music and regularly gigs in local pubs and clubs. Mark provided the animation for a shortlisted poetry/animation short at the Celtic Media Festival this year. View it here.

You can also view some of his recent work here.