In 1996 James Murray-White lived in what he describes as “...a lovely old farmhouse on Sheegus Hill outside Ballyshannon.” He became involved in local community drama projects, and in other theatre and arts activities across Ireland. He says that “ time in the footsteps of Allingham kick-started my writing career.” While in Donegal he wrote a full-length theatrical script that went on to win a major cultural prize.

Murray-White’s film projects include a portrait of life amongst the Bedouin of Israel's Negev Desert, a recent film about Lincolnshire landscape painter John Lincoln, an ongoing documentary exploration of the life of poet John Clare, and a film about his mother’s journey with dementia – 'Keeping Mum' (2012). His film work is showcased on his website

He is currently Filmmaker in Residence within the Cambridge Network of Dementia Research. He is working on a University of Cambridge / Wellcome Trust-funded collaboration with two neuroscientists to design leading-edge experiments combining film techniques with new brain-imaging technology.