Many thanks to the printed press and radio support that we received this year. See attached a pdf of some of the press snippets.

Allingham Festival Art Director Padraic Lynch speaking to Daniel Brown of Ocean FM about Inspiring Creativity & Engaging Enterprise in the North West. 

'Inspiring Creativity - Engaging Enterprise' 2014/15

How the 'Inspiring Creativity - Engaging Enterprise' 2 day event has resulted in a unique opportunity for a group of students.

To apply to the #desigatmagee undergraduate course (Bdes Design), School Of Creative Arts & Technologies, Ulster University.
Bdes Design, UCAS Code - W250.

BBC Foyle - Breakfast Show With Elaine Magee from Ballyshannon interviews #designatmagee lecturer Padraic Lynch & design student Marcus Kirk on the Internships with SpinVfx 2015.

OceanFM's - ArtsHouse interviews Tom Sigafoos about Allingham Festival 2014.
Tom talks about the history and the future of the Allingham Festival.