The winners of the Allingham 2018 Poetry and Flash Fiction competitions are…

Flash Fiction

First Place  -- ‘Pan on the Lean Branch’, by Niamh MacCabe

Second Place -- ‘The Crossing’, by Christina Campbell

Third Place -- ‘Once Upon a Time in Holles Street’, by Ingrid Casey


First Place -- ‘The Long Path’, by Ron Carey

Second Place -- ‘Ectopic’, by Simon Lewis

Third Place -- ‘The Fat Man’, by Jerm Curtin

Congratulations to the winners, and we look forward to seeing you all at the awards ceremony next Saturday as part of the Literary Lunch (Nirvana Restaurant, The Mall, Ballyshannon, 12pm - open to the general public). Well done to everyone who took part. We had a record number of entries in both categories this year, and all of our judges were suitably impressed by the quality of the work. Thanks also to our judges Jessica Traynor, Paul Mc Veigh, Una Mannion and Theo Dorgan for all their hard work in selecting the winners.

The shortlist in the Allingham Festival Flash Fiction Competition was as follows:

Flash Fiction Shortlist:

Carol Caffery Witherow – ‘Study in Chiaroscuro’

Christina Campbell – ‘The Crossing’

Fenja Hill – ‘An Idea of Heaven’

Grace Kelley Fitzgerald – ‘Luscious’

Ingrid Casey – ‘Once Upon a Time in Holles Street’

Niamh MacCabe – ‘Cistern Seahorses’, ‘Pan on the Lean Branch’, ‘Zika’

Patrick Burke – ‘Fake Appraiser’

Paul Jeffcut – ‘A Curious Tale from the Orkney Islands’

Steve Wade – ‘A Bird for Whom the Skies Were Made’

The Allingham Festival Poetry Competition shortlist was as follows:

Breda Spaight – ‘Even the Fauna’

David Van-Cauter – ‘Gouranga’

Dierdre Hines – ‘One Female is a Pen’

Eleanor Hooker – ‘My Son Tells Me of His Dream’

Jerm Curtin – ‘The Fat Man’

Ron Carey – ‘The Long Path’, ‘Driving Rain Through Mayo’

Simon Lewis – ‘Tapestry’, ‘Ectopic’

Ingrid Casey – ‘When the Queen Falls in Love’