We’re delighted to announce that our good friends at Wildcard Distribution have offered us a screening of the hilarious ‘EXTRA ORDINARY’, starring Maeve Higgins, Barry Ward and Will Forte. The Irish comedy, written/directed by Mike Ahern and Enda Loughman, has been receiving both critical acclaim and audience praise since its release.

The film stars comedian/writer/actress Maeve Higgins (Naked Camera, Inside Amy Schumer), Barry Ward (Jimmy’s Hall, MAZE), Will Forte (Nebraska, Run & Jump, Last Man on Earth), and Claudia O’Doherty (Trainwreck, Love, Inside Amy Schumer) and tells the story of Rose, a sweet and lonely small town driving instructor who must use her supernatural ‘talent’ to save the daughter of a local man from a washed up rock-star looking to use her in a satanic ritual that will reignite his fame.

The quirky and irreverent Irish comedy has won praise from critics and audiences alike. The Sunday Times called it ‘A standout Irish film’, which is ‘special in its pure daftness; it's hard to resist falling under its quirky spell’. Variety’s critic noted that it is ‘Consistently funny in a pleasingly off-kilter way’.

A quick trawl of Twitter reviews shows Irish audiences appreciate the particular brand of humour:

‘EXTRA ORDINARY’ will be screened in the Abbey Arts Centre at 3.15pm on Sunday 10th, €5 entrance fee. See you there!


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