Jazz, folk, trad, classical, choral, contemporary songwriting...the Allingham Festival has music to suit all tastes this weekend in Ballyshannon. The festival begins with some cool West Coast Jazz at Wednesday night's fringe gig in Dicey's. On Friday night, Marc Geagan's troupe of local musicians will perform 'Songs from the Erne'. Following that, we have twelve diverse new songs performed by twelve acts from all over the country in the Allingham Songwriting Contest, always a very enjoyable night celebrating new talent. On Saturday evening, fiddle maestro Maurice Lennon will play along to stunning photographs from the Letrim area. Later that night, we have classical piano pieces from Marie Askin, classical voice by Claire Breslin, jazz by Lorraine Walls and Eddie Lynch, followed by the beautiful harmonies and wide range of tunes from the Henry Girls. Don't forget the Festival Club in McIntyre's on Thursday night and the Rushy Glen on Saturday night. On Sunday, we have more stories and songs in the Thatch, the Songwriters' Circle in Dicey's, and we finish off with choral pieces performed by Bel Canto in St. Anne's. 


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